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My other page

2011-06-03 17:45:30 by DjKanis

Ok so I decided I would start posting again on newgrounds. Check out my new official page:

Peace out Newgrounds.

2011-04-08 23:58:13 by DjKanis

Yeah, I decided that it's about time to stop posting on Newgrounds. So, peace out people. Enjoy my music.

Top 7

2010-12-28 16:49:02 by DjKanis

If you are reading this(which you probably aren't) and you have heard most of my songs, would you PLEASE list your top 7 favorites out of all of them from most favorite to least favorite? Thanks a lot!

Max's Theme!

2010-12-27 00:36:46 by DjKanis

Check out my new song, Max's Theme! Really excited about this track, so please vote on it and drop me some reviews! Thanks for checking out my page!


2010-12-25 02:13:30 by DjKanis

Well I had made a new account,, but decided to keep on going with this one. Check out all my new projects please! Thanks for looking!

Well its' been a while

2010-04-17 12:28:41 by DjKanis

It's been a while since I have made any full songs, but my next song will most likely be a Forever Young(by Alphaville) 8 bit remix. So stay tuned.


2009-11-19 22:33:27 by DjKanis

I finally made a new song, Impossible Redone. Please check it out! And please review and vote.

Yo peeps

2009-09-19 20:15:31 by DjKanis

Yeah well I'm still here. I know I haven't posted or uploaded anything in a while, but that's because I have had a bigger project. I'm working on a 3D action and adventure PC game. I am making the the music for the game and will eventually upload the soundtrack. So yeah that's my updates.

Nothing really.........

2009-07-05 13:10:36 by DjKanis

Just wanted to say I'm still here and still making music. Check it out.

Yes yes yes, I am really Stvn676. I don't know if you have heard any of my music on the Stvn676 page, but all that music is really mine. The reson I made the DJ Kanis account is because I wanted to make a new name for myself, because my music was getting better. All the music on my old Stvn676 page is really awful. If you don't believe me(that I am Stvn676), I can give proof. Just drop me a PM. And also, this is my last song that will be posted on Newgrounds. I am moving to my own site where I am going to sell my music. I will let everybody know more about that later.