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2010-12-28 16:49:02 by DjKanis

If you are reading this(which you probably aren't) and you have heard most of my songs, would you PLEASE list your top 7 favorites out of all of them from most favorite to least favorite? Thanks a lot!


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2011-01-24 01:29:36

Here are the 10 that I downloaded, in no particular order b/c it's too hard to rate them that closely :)
Steadfast, Unleashed, Max's Theme, A New Generation, Unseen, A New Forever, Finally, Still, Impossible (orig), and Lost Paradise (remastered)
One thing that I would suggest is working on your outros - some of your songs seem like they are only halfway through when they end - I think if you had 'the other half" you would have 5-star material. You've got some great stuff here, just keep improving and you'll have awesome stuff! :D

DjKanis responds:

Yeah some of my outros were a little rough, but I think they are getting better. Thanks for the comment!