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No more songs for a while.........

2009-05-04 16:50:45 by DjKanis

Well, some things changed, and I will be making music. I won't be waiting for the period of time.

Hey everybody!
I just wanted to say that I won't be making any more songs for around 40 days. Yeah I'm taking a fast from all music which is non-Christian(I am a Christian), so that means I won't be making any more songs until it's up. But when the fast is up, I will be making some great new songs.

DJ Kanis

Please more reviews and votes!

2009-03-07 10:02:09 by DjKanis

I really don't get a whole lot a reviews. If you notice, I have either 3 or 1 reviews on my songs. I don't get a whole lot of ratings either. So if somebody would be nice enough to review my songs and vote on them, I would greatly appreciate it. I really don't care if they are good or bad reviews. I just want to know what people think.


DJ Kanis

I had lots of problems with lost paradise, like I was changing something, then uploaded the fixed version of the song. So after I uploaded the fixed one, I decided it still need more work on the part I fixed. So I fixed it then uploaded it. I realized that I had uploaded the wrong song, so I re-uploaded it. It was such a mess but it is now finally fixed. Please look at it and rate and review it. /213221

I finally got it up and running!

2009-01-13 15:45:17 by DjKanis

I finally got my remix of paradise on e finished. I hope everybody likes it.

DJ Kanis is here........

2008-12-13 08:23:34 by DjKanis

hey people, I just wanted to let you know that some music IS coming. I am working on a remix of an awesome song done by B0UN3. So yeah. Stay tuned.